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Mating Or Bullying?


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I wrote in other topic that I think my fish (Marley) is a bully as he has chased other fish before. But he has not chased every fish I have paired with him, but most. I am starting to think that maybe he is just trying to mate. His last tank mate died about a week ago and 2 days ago (17th) I got a new Oranda (Ink). They lived in peace for the first 2 days. All the plants were rooted and they would jsut swim quietly around together. Then this morning I woke up to most of the plants floating at the top and him chasing the new fish (whom I assume is a female). The thing is my newest goldfish addition does not seem old enough or big enough to be mating.

From the male/female goldfish photo in another topic, the one chasing does appear to be male. I have had him for a year, so he must be a 1.5 years or more. But the other fish is still too small to tell. I cannot see anything. Will a fish still try to mate even if the other is not ready to?

I took a short video. I hoped it would be longer, but my digital camera doesn't take long videos. :(

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I just want to know if I should be worried that its aggressive behavior or if it's something positive like play or breeding? It seems kind of violent, but what do I know. I am not a fish. He has chilled a bit now, but her fin at the top looks a little beat up. :glare:

I put her into my small like 2 gallon tank and checked her out to check the damage. She looks like a girl, while Marley definitely looks male.

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