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Age For Breeding Spots On Males?


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So I was kinda wondering how old most male fish are when their tubercles on their fins show up?...

Cuz the other day I was staring at my fishies and I noticed that Mr. T definitely has them on his pectoral fins. I've been pretty sure he was make ever since I added him to D.F. and S.E.F. because he's always chasing them both with his head under their tails, like I've heard was typical for males to do to females...

However, he's only about 2 inches long, not counting his tail. Could he be insanely stunted? Or could he just be young? He also doesn't seen to be noticeably growing, not nearly as much as S.E.F. and D.F.....

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It all depends on the fish. Many fish are ready to spawn the very next season after they are hatched. Many are not.

So the presence of tubercles is not a good age indicator, just an "I'm ready to make babies" indicator :P

Also, size is not a good indicator of age either. I have a fish that is roughly 9mos old that is 3 inches already. And my boyfriend has a goldie that nearly two years old and is only about 2 inches. It all boils down to genetics and whether it is in that fishes genes to grow fast and be huge, or slow and be small, or fast and stay small, or slow and be HUGE.

There are so many different possibilities that I like to say "Ke sera, sera....."

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