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Best 2 Types Of Goldfish To Breed


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hi im new to this

looks cool so far

im just wondering witch 2 of goldfish would have the nicest babys (fry)

if can include perants ond the children?

thanks :D:D:D:D :D:D :D:D :D:D :D:D :):D

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The term 'nicest' can mean a lot of things. Are you breeding them for showing standards? To be hearty? Are you looking for the 'easiest' fry to raise? As for which ones look the nicest, that's really personal preference.


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I agree - the "nicest" is a relative term.

That being said, for a beginning breeding experiment I would suggest trying MATCHING parents - of the same breed. Fantails may give you the best results for they have a relatively stable genetic background and you stand a much greater chance of getting fry that look like their parents, as well sa the fewest fry that are non-viable.

The next, most stable (with few qualifications for the conformation of the fry) are Telescope Eyed fish. They, too, are quite stable, genetically, and can give you a good percentage of viable fry. Besides - they are SO cute... little teeny tiny fish with sticky-out eyeballs!

Before you try breeding, though, you need to do a LOT of reading. Fish will not breed if not kept in ideal conditions. Raising fry required consistant feeding, cleaning and dedication. They also require 100s of gallons of water and a specialized food for the best results. There are many articles and discussions on this here on Koko's. I hope you will read some of them. IF you have any questions, just ask.


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