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Bad Bad Boyssss


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My heart is going out to my Calico Oranda Simi.......she is the only female in the tank with 3 males, who now find her the most attractive, stunning and sexiest fish since "The Fish Called Wanda". They have all been doing the mating dance all day, she can't get a moments peace. The boys have all developed their Breeding Stars on their gill plates and have pearly fins and she has gotten soooooooooooo round.....I don't know what to do for her, I only have a 10g Empty Tank, and I still won't be able to get my 55G up and going for another 2 weeks roughly since I"m still recovering from surgery.....if things get to hectic in there for her would it hurt to put her in the Q for a bit....and how long til the boys get out of their "mood"?

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