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2 Lionheads In Circular Motion

Guest Mike and Linda

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either, if i am not mistaken. it could be 1 of 2 things.

1. they are just having fun

2. .... "bonding"

though i am not 100 percent sure,but my fish as well chase each others for fun as well. there are a couple other threads out there here with the same thing, but it could be a different case. but thats what i know from my knowledge.

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I think what jls25 is trying to say is is could be breeding behavior, but it isn't necessarily breeding behavior. What you are describing sounds like is could be the beginning stages of mating. BUT that doesn't mean your fish will spawn. It could just be a little bit of practice, or just curiosity. And just because one chases the other doesn't mean that fish is a male and the chasee is a female. Females chase males, males chase males, females chase males, (and males do chase females of course!) goldfish aren't the smartest of fish :blink: so chasing can happen regardless of sex.

But if you get babies.....make sure we get :painting:

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