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Just having some exciting progress regarding handfeeding. I was always a bit sceptical about it actually happening but there has been progress. I never used to touch them in their bowl but now they have moved into a big tank I have started to make an effort, though it's a slow progress with these guys. Anyway what I do is take a pinch of whatever I'm feeding them and hold it just under the water between my forefinger and thumb. They realise where the food is and come to investigate. About a fortnight ago Klaus started to take the food from my fingers (cos he's such a pig he was the most interested in eating first!).

Anyway today Shiny took food from my fingers for the first time! He's always swum up close but never committed. Also one funny thing is I thought Pumpkin was about to as well she came so close, the Shiny bumped her out the way as if to say "Nope! I'm handfeeding first!" so she didn't get a chance lol!

Lil' pearlie in his tub has always been so friendly so he has straight away been learning my fingers are good, so he has come up to them and bumped them a couple of times. He also has no problems with me handling him to check how he's doing! It's soooo coool! Weird that I've had him a week and a half and he's more advanced than the others :P

Anyway rambling over xxx

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I had my goldfish Penelope for a while, and while she wasn't shy at all, she would never consider eating from my hand when I tried (and she has always been extra enthusiastic about food!)

I got my second goldfish, Hugo (she's a girl but I stuck with the name), and she must've been handfed previously because she did it straight away.

Don't you know, by the second day of having them both in the same tank, Penelope managed to completely overcome her fear of handfeeding by watching Hugo (and not wanting to miss out!!) She eats from my hand even more readily than Hugo does now. It's SO funny how they learn from each other...it seriously took her less than 48 hours to start doing it.

They are just the cutest animals! Congrats on your progress with them! :D:D:D

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