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Somebody In Essex Or London


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Save this lil ebay fish! I actually think that "bowl" is a BiOrb which means it is actually a more kindly bowl because it has proper filtration... anyway Mr Fishy obvs would like/NEED a new home. Look at that water! WEH! Wish I could have him! :cry


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OMG! I nearly saved a trio of goldies from a biorb on Ebay the other week but I missed out. This poor fish shouldn't be in the biorb and I curse Reef One constantly (I am a mod on a biorb related forum) when we see people following their instructions and putting them in these tanks. I am near this poor fish but I now don't have the room for another goldie like that :(

that poor fish is crammed into a 15L baby biorb! :doh11:

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