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Bandit Flipping Over


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I bet he just gets sores from bottoms sitting or exposed skin to air and then when he swims around they are gone. He is a special guy. I think some fish just hang in there and deal with their conditions better than others. My tele Walley is still a bottom sitter and probably always will be. He can't see well and is too scared of banging into something, so he stays in one corner most of the time. Other teles swim around fine and just deal with their poor eyesight. I guess every fish is a bit different and Bandit is a fighter.

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That is so tru Amy. I'm constantly amazed by the way they will compensate for a weakness they have. :)

Your Walley sounds like a cutie. It's just too bad they can't all be the normal active fish we would wish for. But they do manage to worm their way into our hearts these special little ones, don't they? :heart

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