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Uh Houston....we Have Nitrates. Over.

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Started using Amquel Pro this week, and quit doing the daily water changes in order to control Ammonia/Nitrite. Tested the water once a day and dosed the Amquel afterward because I was getting .25ppm of both Ammonia and Nitrite, and sometimes slighty higher. Nitrates were hovering at about zero (testing done with an API Master Kit).

But today's test was zero for ammonia and Nitrite, and sure enough, there were my Nitrates sitting at 10ppm or better.

To celebrate, I took the FLuval 405 apart and put back the new activated carbon that I'd removed for a Prazi treatment, along with the Fluval Pre-Filter ceramics and Fluval Clear Max granule packs. It'll be intersting to see what the water tests like in the morning, and then in the afternoon.

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