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I had a bit of spare time yesterday so decided to give the tank a huge clean out yesterday so all the decorations came out and about 3/4 of the water biggrin.gif

It doesn't look any different and not that much mess came out of the gravel which I guess means I must have the maintenance about right biggrin.gif

So here are some pictures taken last night of each of the remaining gang in order of when I got them, I really must update my signature as I lost some of them to dropsy and two of my newer ones are missing.

Dylan, my first fish who is still doing fine other than having a little growth just behind her head but it doesn't seem to bother her so I hope it is nothign to worry about


Dougal, who still looks like a young one even though she is quite old now, and at present she is very very fat so I think the tank may get an egg covering soon.


Rusty, my giant boy, although I think Chalton will be outsizing him soon. He still has days where he looks under the weather but I can't keep medicating him and is always very keen for dinner.


Barkley, he is a lovely big softy and has a lovely velevt look to him now.



Morph, he has lost some more of his black but not all yet


Chalton, who is now massive and must have some common goldfish in him somewhere as he is different proportions to the others


Penfold, who has grown but is very much the same shape as when I got him.


Tomsk, such a little character, still much smaller than everyone else but has a grown a bit


Orinoco and her lovely flowing fins


Huxley, has grown loads and is a totally different shape to when I got him with a very deep chest


Snufkin who still sinks like a stone but seems to manage ok


Here are some group shots taken while they had their dinner








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Wish I had a 130 gallon tank so I can have that many fish.

They are all lovely.

You might change your mind on water change days when you had to do it like me with two 2 gallon buckets and have to temp match the water with water from a boiled kettle rolleyes.gif Although having said that if I had the room and could convince OH I would have the 6 foot 6 inch version of my tank so I could have a few more goldies

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Wow, they all look great. Too many nice ones to pick a favorite.

I don't envy you your water changes. I was moaning yesterday to myself about hauling buckets for my 20 gallon, I can't imagine it for 130!

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Water changes for me are a snap I have a python. So doing water changing on a huge tank would not be bad. But cleaning the sides would be bad cause I am so short. lol

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All of your fish are so beautiful! I agree, Chalton does look like a mix with a common, very cute fish though!

I don't know if I could manage the water changes either, at least not where I am now. Even with a python I find the 55 gallon to be a chore :P

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I can't use a python as I have a hot water tank not instantious boiler so need to boil the water in the kettle or preheat in another tank a day before, it does take a fair while to do the water change each week but I love my fish enough to make the effort.

I am short to but use a magnetic cleaner and the extra depth of this tank over most others on the market is one of my favourite things about it.

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Lovely lovely fish! And beautiful photos -- you're a skilled photographer.

I must confess that I like Morph best. heartpump.gif

I can't imagine your water changes. Literally can't wrap my brain around a 130 gallon tank and 2-gallon buckets and having to heat water. Sometimes my 46 gallon feels like a chore, and I have a Python.

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