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They Are Spawning!


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Background story:

I've never owned fish before, though I've wanted to for years. I probably spent 2 years wishing and researching goldfish, hoping I could get some.

Then the day came! I got a tank for my birthday. I fishless cycled and ordered my fish.

I got my fish from Raingarden, and the 3 moved into my tank, Meeko the male Calico Ranchu, Leon the male White Pearlscale, and Vesper the female Black Moor.

I had some troubles at the beginning with (what I think were) flukes, and ich and such.

I got them all cured of that, then did too heavy of a filter cleaning around the beginning of January, and set my tank into a mini-cycle.

So I've been dealing with that for about 3 weeks now. I've past the ammonia stage and am now in the nitrite stage. Doing daily water changes.

Then 2 weeks ago, I woke up in the morning to find Vesper all battered up and both Leon and Meeko chasing her. I knew Leon was a boy, but I didn't know of the sex of Meeko, I guess I do now though!

They must have been at her all night!

So I took out the decorations and separated them. Vesper laid her eggs, but since I've been doing such thorough vacuums and there were no decos, and they were seperated (though only by a breeder box) I don't think any went to term.

Then last weekend I left and my boyfriend was taking care of them. He said the boys were back at it again, so he put them in a breeder box. But while he was doing a water change (still nitrites in the tank) He forgot to raise the breeder box back up. He then went to work.

So I came home to find them all together again, but no damage and no chasing. I then looked and all the decos were covered in eggs!

3 days later and I noticed that quite a few had what looked like little eyes and a spine.

I told my boyfriend and we tried to decide what to do.

My boyfriend is an all around animal lover, and was disgusted that they ate their eggs. I've grown up on a farm and things like animals eating eachother don't really bother me.

He couldn't bear the thought of those eggs hatching and them actually eating baby fishes.

I suggested maybe we take the decos out and put into our empty 10G and hatch them there. But seeing as we both knew nothing about raising fry we decided that we would remove the eggs, because he has a better conscience about removing the eggs before they were hatched instead of having to watch them eat their own babies.

So that is what we did.

I'm trying to figure if we have the time/resources to actually raise fry though, if they do it again. I'd assume the father is Leon because he is the one that has the tubercles, and from a genetic aspect, I would really love to just see what sort of funny looking fish those two could turn out (I'm in school to get a degree in genetics XD ). In my lab right now we are trying to clone the lux operon, which is the gene for bacteria that live in bacteria that live in those fish and squids that glow in the dark. It is also the gene that they used to make Glofish I think. Me and my friend were joking how cool it would be to have glow in the dark goldfish!

Back on topic though:

Would I be able to raise fry in a 10G? Would I have to upgrade the tank as they grow, or would I be able to sell them before they need an upgrade? Does fry raising take a considerable extra amount of time?

I've been reading links and pinned posts on this site, but if there is anything you can recommend to me that would be great. Even comments like "I don't think raising fry would be a good thing for you right now" would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening to my story! I still think it is crazy that I managed to get my goldfish breeding despite going through a minicycle.

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WoW! That is awesome....never had it happen, personally. Post some pics when you can! And I THINK 10 gallon may be small....just from what I have read here.

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Those fish were "pre-primed" to spawn - coming this season from RainGarden. That being the case, I expect you probably have 5000 or more eggs to deal with. That is a LOT - too many for most to deal with.

If you have any desire to raise some - and and interest - certainly you can do it! In the big scope it is not all that hard. Yes - you will be able to keep some in the 10 gallon tank for a while. Fresh water and good food is really what it is ALL about when raising fry, though. You can keep a lot of them in the 10, but after a very short time, they will cease to grow much. You will start to get what is commonly refered to as "hogs". These will be the bigger fry that are outgrowing their spawn mates. They will excrete anti-growth hormone to slow the other fish.

If you wish, you can cull down to just the hogs. Yes - you may be culling some fish that may be really pleasing adults. But to get them to that stage will take more water volume than you are probably capable of giving. So cull down.

Next - have you given thought to using a large tupperware tub - or small swimming pool or such in the basement or porch or whatever? This would allow you to have a cheaper container that can be broken down and reused elsewhere when you are done raising fry. Fry at 1/2 inch are still acceptable to some fish stores - and they may take them at that young age. That may be another out.

I would say give it a try. Give it a LIMITED try. There is nothing more stressful than attempting to raise more than you can support, water-wise. None of them do very well. Far better to do fewer, yet do it well - grow a few strong and hearty and big, not a lot of them small and weak.

Go for it. It is really neat to see little eyes with tails become beautiful fish!

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Thanks for the info Daryl!

Maybe if they spawn again I could keep the fry in the 10G for a while till they get bigger and then think about a rubbermaid tub or something.

I live in an 'apartment' like triplex and so room is limited, and I don't have a handy basement to keep the fry in, and outside it is -20 right now! So I can't keep something back there either. I don't have much room, but I could keep it in that one corner, so it could be doable!

I will definitely cull down though if it happens. I don't want to try and overdo myself. I'd just do it when the boyfriend isn't around, hopefully he won't hate me too much for it!

I wish I could get pictures, but I don't have a camera! I should maybe see if I have enough extra to invest in one one of these days.

How many gallons would you reccommend per fry?

Like when they are teeny weeny I could maybe keep 30 in the 10G? and then when they are around 1/2 inch how many could I keep in say a 25G tub?

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