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Well, it's finally happened.....There is chasing going on in my tank!

Here's the weird part though.....I have lately been turning off my fitlers/pump when I feed (I am hand feeding and the filters blow the food out of my hand)......As soon as everyone is done eating I usually leave the filters off for a few minutes (I have had fish spit their entire mouthful of food out from being startled by the air pump going back on). The chasing only happens when the filters and pumps are off........:idont

AND (!!) it's Chimera chasing Phoenix! Chimera has a noticable nubby-bum and Phoenix DEFINITELY a sunken one! :idont

It's really cute though....Chimera just follows Phoenix all around with her (his?) nose right under Phoenix's penduncle!


I think I will start doing small daily water changes to see if I can't get them to spawn.

I should do water changes with colder water, right?

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