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I finally tried this super simple paste recipe that was recommended by Dr. Matsui, a Japanese Goldfish scientist in the book Goldfish Guide.



Boiled Egg Yolk



Just three ingredients, you can substitute the makeral for any other fatty fish, or use shrimp instead. It didn't leach, and my guys loved it. The book said Chinese breeders would leave enough around the cement pond to last a day. However I prefer to leave enough for one feeding, feeding three times a day.

*I added the Garlic and Vitamins for various reasons---disease resistance, conditioning for breeding, vitality, color, finnage.

Oh yeah, making it. I blended all the ingredientd, adding just enough liquid to turn the blades, then heat to soften the mixture, then refrigerate.

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I'm missing the oatmeal in my book. I've done gel foods with mackerel, tuna or sardines included and feeding eggs to my goldfish already. The chubbers are steadily growing so far.heartpump.gif Thanks for posting this, Netertari.

Edit: Have you observed any floaty issues using oatmeal? Interesting considering this is a grainy food.

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Hi Lupin, No I haven't had any floaty issues, I was surprised when oatmeal was listed as an ingredient, wasn't sure if Goldies could digest it, but it was listed in Goldfish Guide by Matsui and I think Axelrod.

Apparently it's a mixture that's been used traditionally at Chinese breeding farms with success.

Hi Chrissy_B,

The oatmeal paste wasn't grainy, it came out just like putty, almost. And I didn't see it give off oil or anything else as it went down, or even after several minutes.

However I didn't feel good about leaving it in the tank all day, I left just enough for one feeding at a time.

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That's quite interesting. Maybe this is worth a shot at all. I had been wary to make this until I see your next response about this oatmeal. Thanks for the response.:)

IMO, I'd also leave only enough of what they can eat. The ingredients used seem to pollute water very easily.

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