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My Little Oranda

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to add insult to injury,spell check turned my 'orandas' into 'oranges',which it always does,but I did n't catch it today! :krazy:

I just accepted the oranges as you had an odd way of saying you were going to name one of your big orange fish, thought it was a little strange but accepted the presence of the orange!

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Dear all :hi

I'd like to let you know I have settled on a name for the little calico I have! After a week of deliberating I have chosen Pumpkin Spice suggested by Sushi13. Such a cute name and I think it suits her because she's a little bit of spice and all things nice :D

I hope you aren't too sad that I didn't choose another name but it means you all have ideas for your own new friends!

Just wanted to say :thanks:hug:goodjob


P.S. new fish pics of all three posted in the fish photo section :):hi5

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