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I Just Got My New Light Strip


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I have tried plants twice. Both times i killed them. :( So i just got rid of the shop light over my tank and put on my new light strip. :happydance 108 watt using t5 bulbs and my tank is 55 gallon. Maybe not as much light as i would prefer but i hope it will do. And i have picked up my first bottle of flourish. So.... advise me. What kind of plants should i try first? :hummm I really love the look of a huge potted amazon sword right in the middle of a tank. Do i have enough light for that? And you guys are always talking about the fast growing plants. I would love some instant satisfaction. That way i could see if i am on the right track sooner. By the way one of the plants i killed was java fern. Do they need fertilizer? Maybe that was my problem. :D

2 x 6700k daylight bulbs (please let these be right) :please

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I think everyone has different results depending on their set ups, but I've had the same Amazon sword for at least 5 years now. It went through a rough period a while back but has come right back. I would recommend you try one for sure :)

As for fast growing, I have lacy java fern that is nearly out of control! I started with one small pot, now I have it's "offspring" in three separate tanks in my house, and it nearly fills my tropical tank! And what I really like about it is it can grown in substrate, float free, or anchor to almost anything. Here's a pic of some in my trop tank growing on ornaments and drift wood


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