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An Update On My Little Finned Friends


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Not posted any pics for a while, been back at work and only been home once since September. Since then i have got Juilie a puppy for Christmas too so he has been getting most of the love and attention (he is absolutely gorgeous though) :) Anyhoo, here is the gang, all are doing well. Sam has been getting some hassle from Frodo, Merry and Pippin but i think she is back in season. Still no fry as any egss i have seen have gone straight on the menu.

First of all, Sam being her gorgeous self :)


Frodo, Sam's other half


E.T. who has settled in just fine. I think that she has a problem with one of her eyes and tends to be the last to find food. Even with that she is getting bigger every time that i see her.



Bilbo, my little chocolate oranda, she was bought the same time as Merry but hasn't really grown the same way as he has. He is probably the biggest fish in the tank now.


Merry looking grumpy as he always does. He rules the tank now and even Frodo gets out of his way at feeding time.


Finally Pippin, who is without a doubt the most camera friendly fish that i have ever had, he loves posing :)


Alistair :)

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Honey, all the gang get love and attention too even thought I have Charlie. How could anyone ignore them, they all end up at the from of the tank looking sorry and wanting attention.......lol. Oh, just to let you know that Frodo does the Pippin thing when you go to the tank (mouthing off) hee hee.

Tank had a water change yesterday so will be nice timing for you to do one when you come home :D You can take lots of pics too hee hee as you're better with the camera (and of Charlie too plz xxx)

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I am a lord of the rings fan (who isn't) :) Sam is a looker isn't she. Pippin is a joy to photograph, he is always well up for a good picture. I thought he would have gone completely orange but i had to stop feeding him hikari as it made some of my fish floaty. They probably would have done the trick but i will just have to wait and see how he turns out. He will be cute whatever colour he goes :)

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Your fish are beautiful. I especially love E.T. I would love to have a moor but i am running out of room. :(

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