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Hbh Goldfish Discs


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I love feeding my goldfish HBH Goldfish discs since I discovered it never made him float on his side. I removed flake from his diet seeing it always hurts him!Every Sunday he is fed peas.

I want to expand his diet to good things. Tubifex worms never makes him feel good. Vegetables and vitamins too. Any suggestions?

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I'd avoid the tubifex worms completely. There is a risk of myxobolus infestation from using them.

You could always make homemade gel foods. I use Knox, Gerber baby foods of vegetables, a can of sardines by 90 grams, acidophilus, calcium and human multivitamins (Centrum works fine or use multivitamins by men as there is no iron added). You could add Mazuri gel into the mix. Mazuri can be bought from Goldfish Utopia online. I use 5M70 which is high in protein for young goldfish although it is low in fiber which is why adding veggies is important.

You may add Vitamin C into the food if you want to boost your fish's immune system.

Other options are scallops, mussels, shrimps, seaweeds, bloodworms and earthworms.

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