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New 40 Gallon And Before & After!


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I don't get on here much at the moment but wanted to share a few pics of my fish that I still have. I took down the 100 gallon recently and set up three smaller tanks. I've had the 100 running since 2004 and it was just getting to be too much since I'm renting and don't have my own place to live. So I have a more manageable 40 gallon, 20 long and 10 gallon! I've had weird illnesses so each system is completely on its own with only dedicated equipment.

Here's an old pic of my red and white ryukin when I got him two years ago.


And here he is now! (On the left).




All three of my tanks are near windows now and finally are getting some sunlight. My fish were indoors in poor light for so many years that most of them faded. The sunlight really does wonders for their coloring!

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