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Caesar'S Slightly Odd Colour Change...


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About a week ago; not the best pic but you can see how she has a full red-cap:


Her right side taken a few months back when I'd not had her long:




As you can see she's always had a very long wide red cap, and now it looks like all that will remain is the little orange 'eye-lid' on her right eye (eyes don't change colour right???!!!)

Apologies for the bad photography but she just will NOT co-operate <_<

Also Tigger so she doesn't feel left out :)


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Devilduck, I love your pretty fishies!

I really like Tigger, such a cute face. I know his name is Tigger but he looks like a bit of a grumpy eeyore to me! Such a cutie pie! :heart :heart :heart

She should be called Miss Piggy really, she's such a drama queen! My boyfriend named her. Twice yesterday she managed to get stuck in the vase and had to be rescued. She's not been in there for months so I left it in and ended up being faced with this 'please let me out' pathetic little 'muuuuuum' face.

Thanks for the nice comments all (not sure about the plate one MrsM!!! :P ) I really like them both but I wish they'd hurry up and get bigger!!! I can't complain really, Caesar's doubled in size in less than a year but I still want MONSTER FISH :D

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That same thing happened to one of my fish! He had orange spots for a long time then he just started turning white--here he is when I got him:



Then for awhile he just had an orange cap--later was all white.

Your fish is very cute--and very normal. ;)

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