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Babies!....Not Goldies But Still Babies!


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It's odd because yesterday I was trying to look in every nook & cranny to see if JUST ONE BN Pleco baby had SOMEHOW survived from a month or so ago when I discovered them INSIDE my Dragon Bubbler. (They apparently ALL became Goldie Snacks....which was EXTRA terrible cause I have ALWAYS wanted to raise SOMETHING in my tanks!!)

This morning I sat down at my spot with my coffee & looked over to make sure everyone was doing good in the tank when RIGHT in front of me was a tiny baby BN Pleco working away on the glass!!! I grabbed my magnifying glass & yep a healthy baby BN Pleco!! I don't have a baby net thingee so I started digging thru all my assorted fish junk (doesn't everyone have a box of fish junk....pieces of tubing, containers & who knows what that MIGHT come in handy?)

I went into Macguyver Mode & put together a neat little baby keeper! I had a square plastic (empty) baby food container & snipped of the "ledge" on one side so it could sit flat against the tank wall.Then I got my hubby to drill a hole in the middle & force a suction cup thingee in. Also got him to drill several little holes on each side & bottom for water to flow thru.

I plunked in a algae covered stone & placed little Junior in his new apartment!

What da ya think???


Top View of Junior's Apartment


Side view of Junior's Apartment




Junior Up Close & Personal! The Dragon Bubbler is about 8" back from the glass that he is actually on. The Dragon is the BN Pleco CAVE!!

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I am hoping there are more in the "Dragon Cave" that haven't ventured out yet. I hope to add them to the apartment!!

I hope Junior will be ok! I have that algae covered rock in there & I put a teenie tiny piece of algae wafer in too. Should I do anything further?

I keep looking ALL over the glass for another tiny sibling to show up. If there are more I want to find them before the GOLDIES do!!!!!!!

I notice the Dad is out munching on algae on the outside of the Dragon now. I will watch to see if he returns to the babies (hopefully there are some) inside.

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I was cleaning out Junior's apartment & he slipped out on me!!!!! I was so afraid the goldies would get him but I snagged him up! I kept him in my net, cleaned his apartment replaced the algae stone & put him back in!! Whew! That was nerve wracking!!!

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