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My New Babies


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i just got my new goldies today

(i have had goldfish in the past 2 beautiful huge babies that were spoiled rotten unfortunatly died when our power went out for a week while we were on vacation and i wasnt there to save them :( )

anyway i finally feel ready to get back into goldfish

i was so excited i made them some gel food last night(like i used to make for my other guys)

i just wanted to post some pics of them and their tank

here is their tank it is an 80g


no decorations b/c of the bubble eye which is also why the intake tube is covered in foam lol

here are the new babies

all together getting their salt bath


gumball-(think it is a girl but not sure) everyone else is just a guess but her vent looks like a girls from what i can tell lol


coco-(might change this but hope he keeps his chocolate color but he probably wont lol)


pearl-(she has a little wen beggining to grow what kind of pearlscale does that make her?)


bubbles-always wanted a bubble eye and will be sure she gets enough food but so far she has been eating like a champ lol


simba-(i really hope he keeps these colors but if not oh well)


and here is squirt- he is my problem guy

i saw him at the store and i just couldnt pass him up

for some reason his tiny wen has grown entirely over his right eye it doesnt seem to be bothered by it though he eats very well so idk


here is is pic of his eye




also just to add this tank is fully cycled(has been since june long story a friend was borrowing it for his fish(kept it at my house) until he could afford a 200g for his fish he found that were geourgous and didnt have anything to keepthem in so i said i would keep them in my 75 until he got his tank set up(they were just little oscars when he first got them and by now they are 7 inches lol so they are now moved up and i get a cycled tank lol)

anyway those are my new babies and i am soooooo excited

what do you all think?

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thanks everyone

they all seem to be doing great and the funny part is that gumball the biggest one seems to be the most stressed b/c the whole move lol

but they are all eating looooooved the spirilina flakes i gave them last night but were a bit more wary of the gel food but did finally eat it silly guys lol

so far they all seem to hang out together mostly except squirt who is a little adventurer swiming everywhere exploring the tank lol

and i graduated from lexington high school too in 2007

i have lived in lexington since i was 5 b/c my mom wanted me to go to a great school lol

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Your tank is huge!! Your oranda should be OK, I had one with no eyes at one time. He was still alive and going strong, but then I gave all of my goldfish away before we moved. My Ryukin had sucked them out and he was fine. As long as he is able to eat.

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