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Wembley Has Dropsey


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Wembley has Dropsy :krazy: His scales are raised and his tummy is swollen and he is breathing very fast.

I have moved him to a little QT tank as Huxley and Snufkin are in the normal QT tank.

He was looking a little under the weather yesterday and his tummy hasn't looked right for a few days looking slightly sunken not swollen but he came and tucked into his evening peas so I left him.

This evening he was tucked under the heater so I nudged him out to find all his scales were sticking out, swollen and he was looking very sorry for himself.

I have moved him to a little QT tank, added epsom salts and octozin as well as raising the temperature. He is in a plastic fry hatchery to keep him near the surface as he is gasping alot. He won't eat though which is a very bad sign as I really need to get some medicated food in him.

To be honest I will be happy if he is still with us in the morning icon_sad.gif

I have raised the temperature, added epsom salt and Octozin (UK dropsey treatment)

And all is not peaceful in the other QT tank either.

It would appear Huxley is a male and has taken a keen interest in Snufkin

(who I am guessing is female) and keeps following her around nudging her bum which she isn't very happy about icon_rolleyes.gif I have had to move a few things around to stop her wedging herself behind them to escape her admirer.

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