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Questions On My Fry Tank


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I have done this before but searching both my memory and my old posts from when I had fry two years ago has not yielded the rsults I seek.


1. I saved a few eggs from a filter intake the last time my fish bred and at the moment I have 6 fry that are about 3 weeks old. I also have about 10 fry that are 3 days old. Is it safe to put them inthe same tank together? I don;t think the others are big enough to eat the new ones but i am not positive. je 3 day olders are free swimming already.

2. Can I have a sponge filter in a 3 week old fry tank? I can't remember how I did that last time either. I am talking about one of those sponges that you put the airline into... If I can't how big/old do they need to be before the sponge filter is safe?

Next water change I may try breeding for real and actually put something in there to catch the eggs and keep lots of them. These last two batches have been a few eggs that were stuck to my filter intake, and with 6 fry I know I probably won't get a live one. Out of 70 fry that I had when my commons/comets bred I only have two keft, and one is,how shall I say this, "special"? :-)

Thanks for answering my questions, I can't believe I don't remember this from last time!

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1. It's hard to give you a more precise answer. That's really up to you to judge their sizes and see fit if you can combine them just fine without one of them gobbling the newest ones easily.

2. Sponge filters will work just fine. In fact, I like it for snail and fry tanks (regardless of the species of fry).:)

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Guest pond-fry

Hi Jen.

Congratulations on your fry :-) Ive been reading up on the old post on the breeding forum, and I remember your old posts. How exciting it must be for you to have fry again.

Are they comets/commons again?

I have commons/comet fry at the moment. My very first and also my very first experience with a tank :o I took them inside from my pond. Theyre almost 4 and 6 weeks old. Im fighting a nitrite spike at the moment, and Im down to 9 now. I started with 22.

I also find the sponge filter works great. Ive tied a knot on the airtube and regulate the inflow by tightening and untightening the knot. Not very prof I know, but it works :D

All mine are doing fine together, older and younger. Noones eaten each other :D The only problem I find is the food, seing the younger need slightly finer food still. I would still do it again with few frys, but I dont think I would do it with a larger group.

I hope you will start a fry blog, so we can follow your fry. Congratulations again.


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