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Female Only Fish


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At the moment eggs are not a concern for me, but I am 95% sure I have two female goldfish. If there are no males present are the females more likely to become eggbound or do they just not produce any or reabsorb them? My fish are both still pretty young but Tigger is getting bigger almost daily and I just wondered if I was ever likely to have any egg issues or if they just wouldn't come 'in-season' or something. Seeing people's problems with egg-bound fish has got me a little concerned and I'm hoping it's unfounded! Also, does anyone know what age goldfish mature? I've seen some males with breeding stars when they're only an inch long but I wasn't sure about the females.

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You certainly have a complicated question there!

First: don't worry about your females having egg problems just because there is no male. There are many fish who live in gender specific tanks and never have any problems. Your girls will either produce the eggs and reabsorb them, or they might even spray them! Who knows! It's all up to the genetics of the fish, the weather, the Kh of your water.....LOTS of things! And IF your girls get egg bound, it's not a lost cause. There are plenty of things you can do to relieve an egg-bound goldie.

Goldfish are sexually mature usually around 9-12 months after they hatch. Some fish are ready sooner, some later. It all depends on the fish.

Size is not a good measure of how old a fish is (that 1inch fish could well have been a year old!). Size is dependant on ALL SORTS of things including (but not limited to) GENETICS (!!!) diet, environment, hatching temperature, spawning temperature, diet from hatch out, environment from hatch out, etc.

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