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Guest -Maestro-

Redcap Oranda Almost Dead!

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Guest -Maestro-

Long time reader, First Time Poster. (I learned how to start my first tank here.)

Rudolph, our Red Cap Oranda is on his way to the big pond in the sky if I don't get help fast. I've searched and read all I can on the web.. I've even talked to people at vvvv (I know.. not the best source but I'm trying everything)




A month ago:

- He started swimming in circles only. Twisting like a barrel roll mostly. He could still swim around and get food. Fed peas, frozen food and added salt.

- It progressively got worse to the point where he could not control himself at all, but was still swimming and getting food clumsily.

2 weeks ago:

- Kept getting worse, complete inability to swim.

- Arched back. From the top, he is shaped like the letter C.

- Was floaitng at the top, completely at the mercy of the current.

- Had a sack over his eye and fin rot. Also, streaks of blood in tail fins. Applied antibiotic treatment to the tank. These have cleared up.

- Unable to get food at all.

- Medicaiton used: Maracyn-Two http://www.vvvv.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2753391


Lethargic, on bottom only.

Not seen having food in weeks.

Now in a giant bowl. No filtration for right now. (He gets stuck on the filter intakes)

I added salt, and the water is running a bit warm.

Tank spec:

36 gallon Aqueon bowfront.

Double filtration (2x Aqueon 30 power filters)

Air Pump with airstone about the diameter of a tennis ball. I turn this on and off occasionally.. plenty of oxygen through double filtration.

I change the filter media staggered, and about twice as often as suggested.


1 Red Cap Oranda (the one in trouble)

2 Sarasa Comets

4 Minnows

4 Otocinclus


Frozen Spiriluna, Brine Shrimp, Bloodworms, Tubifex (a few times a week)

Peas and Broccoli (once or twice a week)

Mostly though, standard goldfish flakes or sinking tiny pellets.

Water specs: I test at least 3 to 4 times weekly. (Multi-strips)

Nitrate ~20ppm

Nitrite 0 ppm

Hardness (GH) ~150ppm

Chlorine 0

Alkalinity (KH) 120ppm

pH 7.5

Ammonia 0ppm

I really hope somebody can help!! Thanks.

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Guest -Maestro-

I've had the tank up and cycled for over 6 months.

The temperature stays between 72.0 and 74.5 F

I do 33% water changes weekly to keep the nitrates low.

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:welcome Is there any chance you can get hold of a drop test kit?They are much more accurate.That's all I know,I'm too inexperienced to offer advice,but I'm sure someone will be along that can help you. All the best to you and your Rudolph :heart

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Personally I would QT! even if temp qt in rubbermaid!

I would start with larger water changes, check your levels, post and let it roll from there to save fish!!!

It is quite possible the meds did a number on your cycle....hence the need for levles!

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Hello Maestro and welcome to Koko's. although I am sorry about the circumstances.unsure.gif

The first thing you need to do quickly is get your oranda OUT OF THE BOWL. Ammonia and toxins build up amazingly fast in bowls and right now he needs oxygenation and pristine water. As Stephie said, the Marycyn may have crashed your cycle in the tank.

What is the reason for Maracyn 2? I'm just asking because different meds work for different things in fish. There is no "cure all" medication for fish, just as there isn't in humans. The wrong medication can be devastating for an already ill fish.

Just off the top of my head, I'd say it sounds like Swim Bladder, but your water params look okay. If all you have are strips, please take a sample of your water to your lfs and ask them for the exact params. You definitely need a drop test kit. Strips are inaccurate at best.

If you have decided to quarantine the oranda he needs to be in another tank or a Rubbermaid container set up with a filter and an airstone with temps of 68-72 degrees. The water params need to be perfect and NO meds for now. A light tonic of .01% as a soothing balm is ok. You don't say how much salt you have added or what kind. Remember that only AQUARIUM salt, ROCK salt, or PICKLING salt is safe to use. No table salt or Kosher salt as they both contain YSG which is a non-caking agent that is lethal for your fish.

I'm not going to lie to you. From what you have said in your post about his month long symptoms, not eating for weeks, and the dreaded "C" shape...it doesn't look promising. But some fish do recover from that if the right approach is taken. I'm sure one of the mods will see this and hopefully recommend the correct meds. I'm not comfortable suggesting meds as I don't know enough about each one.

Good luck and post back and let us know your params from the lfs. Hopefully we can help you save your oranda!

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Guest -Maestro-

Hi all -

I'm sorry I haven't updated until now. Thank you all for the help. We kept Rudy alive and kicking by treating his pop-eye and fin rot with antibiotics. His condition continued to worsen. He was only able to float, and part of him was always exposed to the air. He developed a sore there. He also was in a fixed position where he was folded in half.. his face and tail were pointing downward, his midsection was floating up. It literally looked like he had been folded in half.

We euthanized the poor guy today. (Clove Oil.. wait. More Clove Oil.. wait, more.. then 25% Vodka. We used Grey Goose too. Only the best for our Rudy)

Was this a case of inbreeding and general deformity of the Oranda?

Thank you all for the suggestions. His memorial service will be this afternoon, if anybody would like to say any words for em :)

- Matt and Alex

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I am sorry for your loss.

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You will be sorely missed in our world

but I think you were so beautiful that god was

jealous and needed you for the center piece of his

giant beautiful tank in the sky.

Swim strong!

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