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Guest pond-fry

Hi Everyone.

I havent posted in a while, as I have this feeling that every time I update here I jinx it.

But I decided to risk it :-)

I still have my sole fry and hes 12 weeks old today. Im sorta holding my breath cuz I read about the 12-week die-off too. But what will be will be.

Hes a happy little fry and eating well. But he is SOOO tiny... only just 3/4 inch.

Of course I havent been able to not get attached to him :-) As you know the tank sits right next to the screen and keyboard on my desk, so I watch him a lot, and he watches me too like you can see in these pics.




The last one is so you can see how really tiny he is.

I just cant help wondering if theres any way such a small thing will make it to being an adult? All you breeders... do these small guys always end up dying?

Hes a nice well-proportioned fish, and he does grow, just very very slowly. As of today I can actually almost see his mouth without a magnifying glass :)

Anyway, I just thought an update was due here on my fry-blog.

I hope youre all well, and enjoying the Christmas preparations.

Take care,


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