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Guest pond-fry

Hi Everyone.

Im new to your forum. I found Kokos through Google and Ive had great help from Soshas fry blog on here.

I have a tank full of pond fries that I decided to raise inside the house as we are so late into autumn now that I didnt expect them to make it in the pond.

Also Ive never had goldies till this summer, and never had baby-fish so I really wanted to see them grow up, hopefully, and learn about them that way.

I warn you though, I love to take pictures and I love to talk about these babies. Im driving friends and family crazy already :)

On Sept 13th I had a big chase going on in the pond with my two males and one female.

Id had chase a few times before, but I think they were just practicing, cuz this time I saw a few eggs here and there.

On the 17th I saw the first tiny eye-lashes darting about in the plants and the next day I took a few up in a plastic cup to make sure I wasnt just seing larvaes.



Yahoo, we had babies. I know... overpopulation of the pond, how to find them homes... but I really just loved the fact that my goldies were happy enough to make babies in their new pond.

I 'of course' just going to leave them in the pond and see how they made it ;-)

A few days later the fishies were at it again, more chasing... and by the end of Sept!


See, whos preggie?


And afterwards... yummy, egg-party :-D


Lots of eggs everywhere. And see the little guy in the middle to the left looking at his might-be future siblings.


Two more little guys in the pond.


Its a bit hard to see, but there are eggs everywhere under this little one.


Lots of more eggs.


By this time I counted around 22-24 bigger babies too in the pond, so my guess is there were at least the double as theyre really hard to see.

This guy is about 9-10 days old.


And no, I dont have a rock-bottom in the pond. Its just one of a few small hide-outs that I made for the fry with small stones on a shelf.

Here we have 6-days old eggs with eyes :-D Still out in the pond... water was really getting cold, probably only about 55F.


All along I was seing less and less older fries, and my adult fish were getting fatter and fatter without touching their food, so I knew where those babies ended.

After looking at these eggs in the pond for 8 days with still no hatching, I couldnt take it anymore :-D

So I went and bought a 1.5 gallon tank and brought them inside the hatch.

The guy at the LFS suggested Id also try and catch some of the older fries and bring them in. But I seriously didnt think I could catch them... they were so fast.

I did manage to catch 8 though and put them in with the eggs.

Heres the last picture from the pond... you can even see his tiny fins.


And later the same day inside in the tank... maybe the same little one :-)


When I brought them in they hardly showed any tummy. It must have been so hard for them to find food in that cold water.

They ate really well of their liquifry and dust-fish-powder at once.

After only about a few hours the first egg hatched. I find that so amazing, just a little warmth and they were ready to pop.


I was sure that I had only brought in a few eggs on the string-algae... HA HA HA

When I woke up the next morning I found the tank looking like this.


OMG... I really panicked! After taking a deep breath I took out all the older guys and a few tiny ones that sorta hitch-hiked with their water. Then I carried all the newborns back out in the pond. I know it was cruel, and I felt really badly. But I had no way of taking care of that many babies. So I let mother nature take care of the rest. Many more eventually hatched out there, But they kept getting fewer, while the adults bulked up, Mother Nature sure works in mysterious ways!

Heres the tiny tank that the fry lived in the first days. I had one tiny one die after a day, so in all I had 20!


And here is an older 2-week old fry and a 1-day old fry.


See how his little tummy is filling nicely up :-)


I love this picture. See how he opens his little mouth and grabs for the bite of something in front of him.


Last week I got a bigger tank for the babies as they were really getting crowded in the tiny one. This is a nice 14.26 gallons and comes with a pump, light and heater. I only use a sponge-filter yet as the pump is still too strong.



If you look at the size of this stone in the tank, you get an idea how small these guys were.


This little one is almost 3 weeks old, look what pretty bright eyes.


This one spent ages talking to his own reflection.


I must apologize for my tank glass looking so dirty in all the pictures. I thinks its because I use the liquifry.

Another picture... doesnt he look just like a cartoon figure :-D


These last two pictures are my most recent ones:



The top baby is almost 4 weeks old and the two little ones are two weeks old.

Over the last four days Ive lost 5 fry, and ones gone missing, eaten I guess :-( Its been some really hard days. I did know that I would loose some, but finding one or two dead ones every morning was really hard.

I began to feed them with some frozen tiny shrimps/crayfish on Monday that I got from a really good and reputable LFS, so for a while I worried maybe that was why. I dont think so though... it took them a while to get used to eating it, but I only feed them this a few times a day and the dust food for the rest and still liquifry a few times. Im slowly weaning them off the liquifry though.

Yesterday it suddenly hit me that it could be the cycling of my tank taking out the little ones. Its the tiniest ones that go. So I did an extra siphoning and WC in the evening, and lo and behold, no dead ones this morning. I also ordered an API test set on ebay that I will get early next week hopefully.

I hope this wasnt too longwinded, but I thought you needed the full story, seing I sorta jumped in here a bit late.

I will update the blog with pictures and progress on the babies, and Im looking forward to your comments and questions and help.

Thanks a lot.


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  • Regular Member

OMG!!! so cute and exciting,I love your blog and plan on keeping up with it so please keep us posted :)Thanks for all the pic's too it's like being there with you :) Congrats on all the babies,keep up on the water changes and if you can get the liquid test kit as it is more accurate than the test strips I hear :)

And again Welcome to Koko's :)

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  • Regular Member

I am very excited for you! I love the pictures!

Don't worry, there is no such thing as "too many" pictures on Koko's (in fact we have a special treat for people who post too few pictures :wa)

Please keep us updated!


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  • Regular Member

Yes, we love pictures! I'd even love to see some of your whole pond. :)

It sounds like you're doing well with your fry so far. I don't have any in my pond yet, but I have hopes for next year.

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  • Regular Member

Some very cute pictures. Thank you so much for sharing with us! I'm so envious of ponds, fry do survive better in them and as you say mother nature controls the population in there too :o.

Im interested in the whiter ones. Ive never seen fry like that -almost like they have little puffy wen pouches or something :). I'll be interested to see them grow.

I think you will find the 10 day fish ate some of the new baby fish as well as the cycle issues that happened. I had one day when one of my 3 week fry zapped round the tank eating all the second batch of just hatched. I ended up with tanks of each batch all round the dining room :doh11:

I look forward to following this thread!

And welcome to kokos :exactly

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Guest pond-fry

Thanks so much everyone for all your nice comments :)

I will try to keep it updated as often as I can, and no worry, I love to take pics ;)

...keep up on the water changes and if you can get the liquid test kit as it is more accurate than the test strips I hear :)...

I did order the liquid test kit, as I had read in several places that the test strips werent so accurate. Thats why I had to order it all the way from the UK. These kits cost a fortune here, and I had no way of knowing which were good.

...Im interested in the whiter ones. Ive never seen fry like that -almost like they have little puffy wen pouches or something :)...

Im sorry, Trinket, but I think its just the way the picture was taken. I dont think they have wen pouches. At least none of my adults have that... but of course one can never know whats in the genes :)

I think you will find the 10 day fish ate some of the new baby fish as well as the cycle issues that happened. I had one day when one of my 3 week fry zapped round the tank eating all the second batch of just hatched. I ended up with tanks of each batch all round the dining room :doh11:

Im working my way through all the posts on the fry forum at the moment, and I think I saw your post :) Was it your fry the monster fry? :D

Ive only had one fry go missing till now, so he could have been eaten. All the rest have been dead bodies. But I am watching them closely to see if any develop those canibalistic habbits;)

Today its the 1 month bday of the 8 oldest babies :heart:

And Im so relieved that I didnt loose any for the last two days :-) Ive done an extra siphoning and small WC in the evenings too, and I will keep doing that till I get my test set next week.

Theyve really taken to like their frozen foods. I finally found out that theyre called Bosmids in English. The fry are on the bottom finishing it off all the time, and they seem almost annoyed when I clean it up with the tube :) Im slowly weaning them off the liquifry now, seing even the teeny-tiny ones eat the bosmids.

If I really stretch the biggest fry (only joking of course), I think I can claim him to be .5'' now. The tiniest is probably 1/4'', so theres really not that much of a difference, even if half are two weeks younger. And they still all get along fine.

I took some new pics. I was so happy when I saw them, cuz they really start to look like tiny fish now. Somehow, seing theyre so small, I think I doubted I would ever get real fish from these :) You can even see they are beginning to get the greenish colour at the top of the body and look more scaly now. And I think I see a tiny fin forming on their back.



I know this sounds a bit silly, but for someones whos never done this before, its just so amazing to witness.

Last pic is not so clear, but I just think hes such a character :)


Have a nice Sunday everyone.


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Guest pond-fry

Yes, we love pictures! I'd even love to see some of your whole pond. :)

Sorry Cometgirl, I forgot to reply to this. I put a few pictures of my pond on the introduction page. Its still not all grown in, so I have some liner showing, but Im hoping the plants will cover that from next year.

Ponds are so addicting :D

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  • Regular Member

How exciting!!! I so wish my one spawning had some success. None for me, but your blog is so nostalgic for me!

Maybe sometime in the future I can try again. :)

Until then, keep up the good work. I'm having TONS of fun reading this blog. :D:heart

Can't wait to see what the little ones end up looking like! :D

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Guest pond-fry

Hi Everyone.

Thanks for your nice comments. Im glad you all enjoy reading about my fry.

Youre right, Becs, they do have a full tummy all the time :-) Im pretty sure I way overfeed them, but I like them to have food right in front of their noses all the time. And I try very hard to vacuum it all up twice a day. However I dont think these guys will ever have as full and round tummies as most of the frys Ive seen in the blogs here, as mine are comets/commons.

Its their bday again today :-) 5 weeks (3 weeks for the younger). And Im so happy to say, knock on wood, that I havent lost any for a week.

They all look really happy and content at the moment. I do have 3-4 really tiny ones, and one especially that just doesnt seem to get any bigger. But hes swimming around merily and seems to be eating all the time. So far nobodys tried to snack on him, but I know they might one day. I just dont have the heart to cull him when he seems so content... time will tell how he does.

Ive got two new pics this time.

Look at this guy. Hes one of the biggest, slightly more than 1cm, and he now has a beautiful tail :-) you can compare with the tail on his younger sibling under him. The green is a piece of hornwort. I took it out today though as it smelled like it was rotting.


Several of them have a tail like this. The oldest fry all have the same mum, as I only had one female then. And two possible dads. One of the dads look like a comet, though he could be a comet-mix. I bought all of my fish as comets, but I can see now that theyre probably commons or crosses. I really dont mind anyway, as theyre healthy fish :-)

I also took a picture of his younger sibling. And at first I thought she had a deform tail.


But then I realised that at least 3 of the smaller ones have tails like this. So maybe theyre just different. What do you all think?

The younger group all have the same two dads too, but 3 possible mums, though Im almost sure its probably only 2 mums. Gosh, Im glad Im not a fish! :D

I also wanted to ask all of you other breeders, how old the fry have to be before the worst danger of fry-death is over?

I really enjoy this experience of raising fry, but Im also constantly afraid that they will all suddenly die on me. I read so many posts on here about ppl have that lost all of hundreds of fry :( So I really try not to get attached to them, but its impossible, theyre just so cute little things. And its so much fun to see them grow and change.

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  • Regular Member

You're pictures are fantastic! I love reading fry diaries particularly as it's unlikely I'll be able to raise any of my own for a long time (I'm 99% sure I have two girls and I won't be able to get a bigger tank for a loooong time) so it's great to watch other people's little babies grow up :) I particularly like the one in your first post with the water droplets on the leaves and this tiny little fishie peering out...

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  • Regular Member

Hi, Old Hag from Sweden here!

I have raised tons of fry from pond and inside tanks.

This year I only found 6 fry out in the pond, 4 has survived so far and they live in my 54 liter fry tank. I will sell them to my local LFS in May. A couple of years ago I sold 18-20 fry.

I have 3 calicos and one brownie.

I have pics somewhere.

Yours are common too, I suppose? Single tailed?

I got 2 doubletailed fry some years ago and I kept them.

They are special!

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Guest pond-fry

Hi Everyone.

Another b-day... my fry are 6 weeks today, and one sole fry from the youngest group is 4 weeks.

Phew, what a week we've had. Ive lost 8 little guys :( They started dying last Friday and when I had my water tested at the LFS I had nitrites spike. Fortunately my test kit arrived Saturday, so Ive been able to test my water. I did also buy one on Friday though.

I still have nitrites, and do WCs of 75% twice a day in order to keep them at bay. I have no ammonia, so my cycle must be on its way.

All the ones that died were the smallest ones. Half died and half I put to sleep cuz they were struggling too badly. I must admit that I never really expected them to make it, seing they were spawned in such cold water in the pond. But it was still really sad with every little one that didnt make it.

I only have one left from the youngest group, I think. As she is slightly different... somehow she just seems younger. All the rest look alike, though theyre very different sizes.

My biggest fry is probably 1,3 cm now and a really good looking fry :D

Here she is with her younger sibling who is almost as big.


Heres second biggest again.


And a spooky picture just in time for Halloween :yikes


Yesterday I got some gunk from the filter on the pond and drenched my sponge filter in it. I know it probably wont make a difference, as I was told the bbs would not be working seing its so cold outside. But I thought it worth trying.

I also added a tiny bannister filter (I think thats the word) that came with my 1? gallon tank, and I also drenched the media in this filter. I put a nylon stocking on it of course.

This setup seems to work really well and the fry dont have any problems with the current.

I also got some Hikari First Bites off Ebay and the fry really like those. So now they get this, my dusty baby food and the bosmids alternately.

Im trying to feed them less, as all of these bigger guys are really good at finding the left over food and get to it before I siphon it up. So hopefully this will also be helpful in controlling the nitrites.

I REALLY hope that most of these will make it, as theyre real fish now, and Im getting really attached to them. Please cross your fingers for me :)

Thanks Devil duck and OldHag for your comments. I would really, really like to see the pics of your fry, Anette, :please

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Guest pond-fry

On Sunday I lost my second biggest fry. She looked fine, but what dead on the bottom of the tank. I still have high nitrites and keep up with the two daily 75% WC.

The tiny youngest fry is really struggling, so Im watching him, and I think I will put him down. He's never really grown.

So Im down to 5 now.

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Guest pond-fry

Your babies are gorgeous, OldHag... soooo cuute :D

I really dont understand... I know I replied to your pictures before, but the post must have gone missing, or maybe I pushed the wrong button :rolleyes:

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest pond-fry

Hi Everyone.

I guess its time for a new update. Ive been holding my breath lately, as the fry have been doing so well and I didnt want to jinx it. But today is their 8 weeks bday, so I think its time I share a few new pictures of them.

I still have 5, and at the moment they all seem happy and healthy. My big guy is almost an inch now, and the four small ones seem completely identical and only a mere ? inch. I really dont understand why they dont grow more... They do grow slowly, slowly but nothing like the big guy.

Heres the big one. Look what pretty fins and tail he has :)



And here he is with a sibling so you can see the difference in size:



They all seem to be behaving more like 'real' fish now. The smaller ones are mostly at the bottom eating, but right now the big guy sits right next to me in the corner of the tank looking at me. I bet he's waiting for the bosmids to be fed :D

I still have high nitrites, so I still have to do two daily WCs. Its getting kinda old, so Im really looking forward to the cycle completing hopefully soon.

Im hoping everyones well.

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  • Regular Member

Oh they have really grown!

I love fry diaries, it is so fascinating to see those little ones grow!

Yes, you answered my pic before, something has happened in your thread, it seems different. Weird!

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest pond-fry

Hi Everyone.

Its been a while, cuz Ive been a bit down. My big fry died 1? week ago. He was all happy eating and swimming and half an hour later he went upside down and died. I must admit that I cried for the first time when raising these guys, cuz he was just so big and healthy, and I think I had expected him to make it.

So I was left with 4 tiny ones, and my family wanted me to put them in the freezer and forget about it, as it was becoming heart-breaking to all of us.

But after some days I decided that all of them deserve their own chance. I must be glutton for punishment, but it felt right that way.

I have three of them now, as one was floating upside down yesterday and got put in the freezer.

So Ive decided that as long as they eat and thrive I will take care of them. But as you can see I also dont let them suffer. I think I can safely say that by now Ive got really good at telling when they start to look poorly.

The three remaning have all grow a lot since the big one died. And of course :o One is bigger than the rest. Hes still only a little more than ? inch, so even hard to take a pic of.


This pic isnt good, but for once I got 'all' fry in one pic so you can see the size difference.


As you can see in this pic I also have both brown and green algae.

My tank has been a complete mystery to me since the big one died, cuz the water is perfect. No raised params at all. Im really puzzled, but I gave up finding out why, after doing dozens of tests as Im finishing off my liquid tests too fast.

I do a 60-70% WC once a day now, as that way I can get all gunk out.

I guess my tank might be cycled, but wouldnt I have slight nitrates then. Or are these guys just too small to make the levels raise in 24 hours? I would really like your opinions on this, please.

Im getting used to the idea that I probably wont end up with any living fry in the end. But its ok. I will look after these three little ones for as long as they need me to, and afterwards just look back at it as a learning experience.

If I end up with an empty cycled tank one day, I might even visit the LFS and see if any GROWN UP fish needs a new home. But time will tell :-)

Have a nice Sunday.

The crazy fry-nut in Denmark

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  • Regular Member

I am sorry about your losses, I know exactly how it is.

You get so attached to those little ones...

But I have lost so many fry through the years, last year only one survived, this year only four.

Sometimes the biggest one suddenly dies, happened to me last year..

I don't know why, it's not the water..

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Guest pond-fry

Thanks for you reply, Annette.

I, too, am down to one sole fry now, as the two smallest gave up yesterday.

Hes eating well and growing, but I just feel sorry for him being in the tank all by himself. Did you raise your single fry all alone too?

Hes so cute, he has this little puppy face. He really does look like a baby. So I would hate to loose him too, but I do know its likely I will though.

And no, Im pretty sure its not the water now. What a mysterious world this fish world is.

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  • Regular Member

I was lucky, I had another fish, little Yellow, who was rather tiny. So he moved in with Silver, the lonely fry.

Now both Yellow and Silver live with the bigger gang, he is doing fine.

The fry tank is occupied by this years fry, 4 little ones.

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