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Preg Fish?


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Goldfish can't be pregnant. They are egg layers.

If you mean that she might have eggs inside her, that is possible. Can you post some pictures? Also look at the vent (where the poop comes out) if it sticks out slightly then it's a girl, if it is sunken, it's a boy. If it's a boy, then it can't have eggs. If it's a girl, it still may not be eggs.

You could just have a chubby fish....

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I don't think you have anything to worry about. It may be that she has eggs in her, or it may be that she's just chubby.

Feed her some microwaved, deshelled peas (frozen works best, though you can use fresh) and see if that helps push anything that may be blocking her out.

Have you looked at her vent? Is she an innie or an outie?

Also, male fish (when they get older) have breeding stars along the first ray of their pectoral fins (front fins, or what I think of as arms) and on their operculum (gill covers).

Hope this helps!

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