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My New And Hopefully Last For A While Goldies


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I am back from my trip out to Dorset with my (hopefully) last additions to my tanks.

It took all my will power to leave with just one of the ranchu they were all lovely and I would have loved to have a pair oops.gif

So here they are in their bags acclimatising. I am thinking of the names Wellington and Huxley (not 100% convinced yet )

Wellington is very small and has no sign he should be an oranda yet


Huxley's amazing and the more I look at him the more I want another one oops.gif We are not sure Huxley is the original from the pictures as they have changed so much so I just picked the one I liked the most, which was hard.


I am going to take a while introducing them as the water they have come from is very hard whereas my water is very soft so hopefully more pictures tonight.

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And here are this mornings pictures now they have settled in, they seem to be doing fine and have had breakfast.












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Huxley isn't a pearl scale he is just a ranchu. I don't think the black/grey on his back wil last so he will be mostly white with some yellow patches.

Huxley is doing well but Wellington seems to be having a hard time adjusting to my very soft water as he came from very hard water, he has produced alot of extra slime coat and is a bit clamped up. He is still eating so I hope he will adjust given time.

Morph and Huxley came from two different places but there are a few places with nice goldies within driving distance.

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Unfortunatley Wellington went down hill and I found him dead this morning, I guess maybe the change in water conditions was to much for his little body to adjust to.

Huxley is fine and so cute I am thinking of getting another one from his batch instead of another panda oranda to replace Wellington.

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Congrats to the two new fish. They are sooo cute and look even cuter in the aquarium. By the way the pictures you have made are very good. I really like them. I am not able to make such great pictures with my camera. Maybe I need a new one in order to make such great pictures.

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