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My New 2 Newies

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Well after a week of slow internet it's finally back at normal speed, so I was able to upload a pic of the two of them and a video of each because they are IMPOSSIBLE :krazy: to get a still snap shot of. Even then it's very mediocre.

Bubbles left, Flash right: S6300653.jpg

Flash He is about 4-5 cm, loves to dart up and down the tank and has he quirks and great personality that I love about him. Kinda acts crazy at feeding time and is always the first one to the food.

BubblesHe is about 5-7 cm, he got his name because all he does is play in the bubble wall when it does on, he doesn't seem to understand you can't eat them but he will still spend 10 minutes a day trying to gobble them up. It's hilarious, and he is very curious to anything new in the tank and will happily nibble at your hand while you fix up the tank. I cannot shoo him away he just keeps coming back! :D

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