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Breeding Stars!


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No reason to feel dirty people....my fish like to be watched, hehe :)

...but likes to eat eggs even more. :D

Thanks for sharing your pic's :)

Now I know what to look for as my goldfish get bigger,right now I have no idea of there sexes?And your female what a beauty and her tail just beautiful :)

Regarding gender, then i find it allmost impossible to tell the difference between male and female fish when they are little.

The breeding stars/tubercles are the best way though.

But it is allso possible by looking at the anal opening (excuse me).

My female actually looks like the female part of this picture:


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Shamu23, I must know: Is that beautiful rock background in the video inside the tank itself, or is it a rock wall behind the tank? It's INCREDIBLE. Really looks amazing.

Is it my video you mean? you say Shamu23, so forgive me if i answer a question that was not for me.

It is a artificial background from acompany called RockZolid, it's inside the tank and my filter is behind it.

Water gets drawn in in one side, drawn through different filter materials and pumped out in the other end.

That way no filters are visible. :)

There are many different backgrounds available and they all look amazing.

I those the most "flat" one, because i did not want to sacrifice to much svimming room for my fish.

Here you can see some of the different models, from 3 different companys:


Its a Danish aquarium shop, but just click one of the 5 lines to see the backgrounds.


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