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Diy Live Rock Wall


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I have decided to go with a DIY live rock wall for my 90g. i have a solid plan on how I'm going to do this. i will take pic's while working on it and post them.

I have picked up some Dry live rock for the wall. i was picky and will have to split some of them.

All the materials i used I've researched and they have been used in tanks for over a year with no problems.

Heres the plan:

I will cut Egg Crate to fit the back of the tank, this will be the base of my wall. next i will lay the egg crate down and plan where i want my "real" rocks to be. I will drill some holes in the rocks and zip Tye the rocks to the egg crate. if i need to i will make a tray out of egg crate to support the larger rocks.

i picked up "Great Stuff" foam from Home Depot (red can yellow top). i will make a coat of foam to cover the egg crate. gotta get under and around the rocks for extra support. when the foam is JUST dry enough to touch i will mush it into the egg crate and flatten it. I'm going to let it dry for at least 24 hours maby more.

i have Argonite sand (SW stuff) that i will GLUE to the wall. there are many options for this, i picked argonite. i am going to use Elmer's Ultimate glue this stuff. its been used before with no problems. basically use a brush and get this stuff EVERYWHERE, and pore sand on it. this this stuff dry for 24-48 hours.

then i will put it in my tank and silicone like mad! i want to get the whole back of the tank so that no water gets behind it. I'm thinking I'm going to have to prop it in there somehow to hold it tight.

in about 6-12 months it should be covered with Coraline algae and look aw some.

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I am sooo excited for this! (then we can have our living room back instead of all these bags of supplies in every free corner. :lol1)

Im teasing hun. You have put some serious thought behind this project. It is going to be a fantastic build and I really do look forward to seeing how it turns out. :heart:heart:heart

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Oh this should look really cool.... Cant wait for pics :)

it could be a while before pic's. i dont know if i can get much done this weekend. the serious work will be next weekend. and cure times will play a large part in how long this will take.

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