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Well, It'S Official


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So I took a break from my sketching for my apparel design class (50 sketches is so unreasonable!) and sat in front of my tank to watch.

WELL!! It would seem that my little Grimm/ Lieutenant Shiny Sides is a boy!

I was startled at first thinking OH NO! He's all fuzzy/fungusy on his fins! But I squinted real hard to see if he had dots on his gill plates, and he did. They were teeny tiny, and only had two on one side and one on the other, but his fins (which I LOVE and what I was mostly watching as they have gotton soooo big and flowy, like he's wearing sleeves that are far to billowy for him lol) were covered in a very bright, raised, neat little line in the front.

So that makes it Uno, Spazzy McBullington and Lt. S.S. are confirmed boys, leaving only my comets to be sexed, but since their all in the pond, I don't think I'll ever know.

::sigh:: will I have ANY females? lol!

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Congrats!! It's a Boy!! LOL..How old are they?

Well, Uno and spazz I got last year for my birthday, so as of August 29th they were with me for a year. They were both rather small when I got them. Lt. Shiny Sides came to me in April, I got him from J-Pond when he had to move. I don't know how long J-Pond had him, or how old he was before that, but I can't imagine he was very old if he's just now showing signs of gender (he was about 2" w/o tail when I got him). He's now quite big in comparison to when he came to me.

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