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Today we had beautiful late summer weather, and when I went down to the pond I saw a few fry in the sunny water.

I tried to catch them with my camera, but they are so shy and so fast.

But finally I got one pic!

It's a little calico!


I have seen 2 calicos and at least 2 "brownies". They are very shy so I don't know how many they are together.

I tried to take a pic of King Angus but he turned the other end...


But all 6 of them are doing fine in pond this eummer.

Soon it will be time to go back in...

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Ooooh, fry! That little calico is a cutie. Your pond fish must be happy if they're reproducing. Very cool!

Is that a little bit of head growth on King Angus???

That is correct! Angus has some headgrowth, his head is soft and round, so cute!

I don't know if it is because of his age or his size!

He is a big comet.

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And thank you all the others!

Angus is the King of the gang, I am so proud of him!

I hope I can catch the little ones, there is a tank waiting for them.

But they are so fast and so shy!

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