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90g + 33g sump. just did the plumbing yesterday. theres a few changes i want to make to it already.

My tank and sump.


The return line (i want to change it)


The overflow + durso stand pipe.


2 drain lines. 9im going to change one to the return line.


Return pump.


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Oh btw, that is a peice of dirty plexy glass behind the tank, our walls arn't dirty lol.


Awwww, the baby starfish. I :heart the baby starfish.

Here is Brent using our Python (tho you can't see it in the pic) to fill his tank for a trial run. :wub:


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I love the cute little star fish. Your 90 gallon is going to me awsume.

thanks! i havent seen the star fish in a couple days now :( hopefully he is still kickin somewhere in them rocks

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Its coming along nicely guys, that star fish I think is the one that can breed a sexually. They are cool to watch grow and split too :) More pics...any plants or animals on the rocks?

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I have some coral/sponge trying to grow on a couple rocks, but i don't have any t5 lights yet. theres some snails and crabs, i have spaghetti worms in the sand bed. i think i posted my decorator crab somewhere here.

as for the 90g +33sump, i will be building a rock wall for the back and a removable(magnetic) finishing for the stand. the rock walls will take some time to make and cure so it will be I'm thinking 1-2 months before i can move all my stuff from the 45g over.

i plan on eventually getting alot of SPS when i get good at keeping a safe environment, and when the funds let me. i reallly like trigger fish, but most of them may nip at corals... so i might just go with some clown fishies.

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