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Breeding Ghost Shrimp

Guest amesters

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Guest amesters

About a month ago I set up a 10 gallon with 7 or 8 shrimp. Of course a couple were preggers and I've been waiting for about a month now to see mini-shrimps.

I haven't seen any yet! Its hurting my eyes, mainly because I'm not sure how small the babies are or what I'm looking for! Are they too small and transparent to see when they're first hatched??

Also any advice would be awesome about how to raise these guys well.

I do have a sponge filter in there, as to not suck up any babies, also there are no fish, only shrimp.

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Breeding American Glass Shrimp can be a little bit difficult in the home aquarium. American Glass Shrimp are difficult to determine sex and they are a low order shrimp (their eggs hatch as free floating larva, not miniature versions of their parents) so they are a little more difficult to raise. Once hatched the small larva will require powdered algae (Spirulina is a great algae for this) and should be in a separate aquarium to avoid predation. The larva will metamorphosis to miniature versions of the adults in about a week. Once the larva have reached metamorphosis, they will require no further special care.

Above info is from the link below:


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Guest amesters

Ooooh. Im disappointed...I hoped they wouldn't be so difficult. I've read that the adult shrimp will and will not eat the larve...but I definately don't have anywhere to house separate shrimps. Well, honestly, I do, but I was hoping this would be easier than that! pff...and a period in brackish water?!

Oh well. I think I'll hold on for alittle while longer to see what happens. I know there's at least 4 females in there with eggs right now. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

If this doesn't work I'm turning it into an all natural planted tank of some crazy sort


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