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Perhaps We Should Band Together And Write A 'Goldfish Bible'?


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I don't know about you guys, but almost every goldfish book on the market is superficial and only scratches the surface of this subject. Hardly any books even mention the nitrate/ammonia cycle or any other info I would deem not only beneficial, but almost necessary to know before a beginner starts with goldfish.

I've always wanted to see a complete comprehensive book on goldfish that looks at all aspects of the animals care, and not only from the authors point of view, but every generally accepted point of view, as most authors only state what they see as 'right' when their are actually many versions of right.

Full sections on things like care, feeding, maintaining an aquarium, ammonia cycles and everything. No rough overviews, but a complete in-depth look at each and every part of care.

Sections on judging and breed standards. Almost every goldfish book I have seen only lists the commonly seen breeds like fantails, shubunkins, comets and commons. I'd like to see a book with every type listed, ranchus, orandas, ryukins, Philadelphia veiltails, telescopes, wakins, pompoms, toskains and every other type currently in existence.

A comprehensive illnesses section, with the treatments specifically tailored for goldfish. Right through common diseases like ich to those rarely seen like 'hole in the head'

And of course, all supplemented with full colour glossy pictures of beautiful goldfish. Lots of pictures. Enough to make any breeder or keeper drool.

The best part? The proceeds would go to the site.

I don't know if it would be possible, but it's a nice thought. Imagine if you took the part of goldfish keeping you know best (whether it be feeding, or illnesses, the ammonia cycle and so on), wrote the chapter on it and combined it into a book with other chapters written by others who really know their stuff? You could possibly have one of the best goldfish books written, ever. Then make it cheaply available (I don't know, print it off and bind it together to keep costs down) and wildly distributed, and imagine all the goldfish keepers with their pets in bowls you could reach with the correct info, and all the potential goldie keepers who would get good information straight up before buying their pets?

Oh my, I originally started this to ask if their were actually any decent goldfish books out their I could get, and instead I rant about that. Well, maybe we should guys?

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I don't know about us putting one out, but there is one good book out there. It's "Fancy Goldfish" by Erik L. Johnson and Richard E. Hess. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0834804484?tag=tintdudecom-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=0834804484&adid=06NZWK8B9788544B6HYT&

I got it last Christmas and it is fantastic!

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I wholeheartedly second Chrissy Bee's recommendation of "Fancy Goldfish" by Dr. Erik Johnson and Rick Hess. Basically, it has everything you listed for your ideal goldfish book, Amber, including drool-worthy full-color photos of dozens of varieties of goldfish (including some really unusual ones!). I promise you'll love it.

I used this book as the cornerstone of my goldfish keeping years ago, and now that I'm back into the hobby, I pulled my copy out, dusted it off, and marveled once again at what a terrific resource it is.

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That book covers all the basics very well. SOme of the medications are outdated, breeding information is "lightweight", but it is an EXCELLENT book just packed with info.

There is also an error in math on page 61/62 for measuring solutions of Potassium Permanganate. Please do not use the formula presented there.... calculate it yourself.

For 98% of godfish keepers this book pretty much covers it all. :) I am glad you are going to get a copy.

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"Fancy Goldfish" by Erik L. Johnson and Richard E. Hess.

I HIGHLY recomend!!!

Soon after I joined this site years ago I was searching for this book and could not get it thru most of the stores here

Then one day....my local Coles supermarket had a stall out front for a book keeper..they had it! I got it for $9.99 AUS

normally about $40

OMG! What a find!

It is wondeful, teaches everything we teach on the forum

I also have used it at work to educate staff.

Also Rick is a goldfish/mind of knowledge :)

Take not of Daryl's note: as times have changed

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