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My 3 Week Old Sw Tank


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Here are some pic's of my tank/friends :)


Here is a full shot of my tank


This is a Decorator Crab, i named him fraggle rock. He will take coral/seaweed or what ever he can find and cover him self up. he thinks he can walk around and not be seen lol


my snails. shawna really liked the pink bottom one. no names for them yet.LFS said the pink one is a west indy snail. the black one seems to like sitting on the shell of the pink one.

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That's a good looking tank. It'll be interesting to see pics as it grows. I really like how you did the rock layout.

I heartpump.gif the pink snail. I named her Princess, even tho Brent doesn't like that name

I have never seen a snail like that, that is really pretty. And I agree Princess is the perfect name for her.wink.gif

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I love the shape of the tank! It's quite different and hence interesting :D

What are your stocking plans eventually? I'm dead nosey when it comes to other people's marine plans hehe

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