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Oh No!

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well, I came home last night to find that both my goldies aren't doing so well. My newest one is just sitting at the top and not moving much at all. His fins seem.... well, not like they've been nipped at or anything, but they're just not in the greatest condition. And my other fish has small cloudy white spots on his tail. It's not ich though. Both of them have clamped dorsal fins. Now, I could treat with Pimafix, but the problem is, I'm going away for the weekend. No one will be home, and you're supposed to treat for a whole week with that stuff. I can't have anyone over to treat the tank either.

So I'm kind of stuck here. I just did a HUGE water change, and added a bit of aquarium salt just to raise the salinity a tiny bit. I also added Aquarisol which is a disease preventitive and treatment. Other than that, there's really not much I can think of to do. I have to leave for work in five hours, and I have so many other things I have to get done.

Eek! Help! Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do?

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Is there something in the water quality that is making them sick? Did you not quarantine your new one? I'm just trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the fish, because if you don't know the diagnosis you shouldn't treat with Pimafix and then run off for the weekend.

You're absolutely certain you can't get someone to fish-sit?

I'm not sure that you have any options other than to change 100% of the water and hope for the best.

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