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Tail Frills?


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So I got a beautiful bronze "fantail" yesterday, and at first I thought it'd been bullied some, since it appeared a chunk of its tail was missing at the top. Then looking through topics here, I started thinking maybe it's not a fantail, after all. It's still young, just shy of 2 inches not including tail. I know in the same tank they had red cap "fantails" in the store, so I'm pretty sure they just bunched several different types of fancies all together.

It's yellow on top, white on bottom, with a grey sheen that makes it look bronze and silver (so pretty. <3) and the tail looks like a normal fantail, except instead of a round tip on top, it looks like someone took a nibble off the tail, though there's no blood or other signs of fin damage. Is this particular to a breed, or is Ares just a special fantail? I could post pics, but my camera's horrible, be warned.

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I actually managed to get two decent photos! Here they are (tail frills are more visible in first photo):



And here's a show of coloration. It's in the middle of a color change, as a couple of weeks ago at the pet store it was covered in the color seen here at the top.


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