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Black Moor Turning Gold/silver.

Guest FrumRoll

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Guest FrumRoll


I have a small Black Moor in a 10 gallon aquarium, right now he's about 1" not counting his rear fin. In the last week he has rapidly turned a gold/silver color over more then half his body, his head seems to be a light brown. From what I've read online this is fairly common in older fish, but seems to occur at a much slower pace. A week ago he was almost entirely black with a few shiny gold scales on his belly. Now he looks like this, also today I noticed part of his rear fin was missing a chunk.


Does any of this sound normal, I'm new to fish keeping and trying to do the right thing.

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 80

pH: 7.6

Test Kit: API Freshwater Master(Drops)

Water Temperature: 72F

Tanks Size: 10 Gallon, 2 Months

Filter: Penguin Mini Bio-Wheel(99B)

Water Changes: 35% Twice a month, just did 50% a minute ago due to the Nitrate.

Fish: 1 Black Moor(1"), 1 Common Pleco(1.5")

Additives: API Stress Coat, added at water changes.

Feeding: TetraFin Goldfish Flakes 2x daily, TetraAlgae Crisps 1x daily

New Fish: No

Medications: No

Unusual Findings: Small chunk missing from right fin of fan tail.

Unusual Behavior: No

Thanks - Derrick

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Hi there,

To answer your first question, yes this is normal. Black fish very often turn gold. Here's a photo of my old moor after his color change


I do have two other unrelated suggestions for you though :)

I'd increase the water changes to weekly, that will keep your nitrates down more. Also, common plecos can be very dangerous with goldfish. Most pet store employees don't know (or care) about this so they encourage people to house the two together. However many members here (me included :( ) have had them inflict some serious injuries on fancy goldfish.

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To add to what Chrissy said.....Not only are common pleco's dangerous to keep with slow moving fish like goldfish, but your tank is WAY too small for both the pleco and the goldfish. Young goldfish alone need 10 gallons each to be healthy and that number increases with age. Pleco's grow to be over 12 inches long (I have seen a few at an LFS that are nearly 24in long!!) and therefore need HUGE tanks. And they eat A LOT! There is no way you could have enough algae in that little tank to keep him happy. The best thing to do would be to get him his own 50 gallon tank and feed him zucchini and cucumbers along with algae tabs. Or you could find him a new home. Many times an LFS will take in fish that the owner no longer has the means to care for. Ask around to see if they will take him.

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Hi Derrick!

My little blackmoor is doing the same, at a slower pace though, but he is around 2" (excluding the tail). We've had him for about 6 months and he's still pretty young. Just thought you might like to know that my little guy is doing the same :rolleyes:

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