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My Fluval Edge Sexyshrimptopia...


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While buying more corals in my LFS the other day, my OH surprised me with a "So glad you're on the mend and all fixed" present...namely...


When I unpacked it and before it was slotted together....QA Cat, Emmy, inspected the base for irregularities


Further testing began.

The vital sniff test was undertaken


results were thought about


and approved by Top Cat, Podgey!


a soft focus shot


So, inspections completed, I set it up in it's final resting place and turned on the lights...


Ohh, pretty! :D

the lights seemed quite bright when empty.

Time to fill up...ahh bliss! Only two buckets to fill :D

Interesting development of air bubbles collecting under the top


Time to entertain oneself by chasing bubbles with a mag float


a plain shot for those who despise 'arty farty'


et voila! Almost bubble free!


Priming the filter pump is much easier if you remember to fill the HOB first :rolleyes:

Recommended water level when filled and decorated is 5mm above the top of the tank


the sound of a gently churning pump greets my ears and a soft trickle of water


looks a bit empty so I put some wildlife in for a dummy run


I think the water's too cold....he looks shocked


Now to put the Koralia in...ooopsie...time to empty some water out of the tank and lift the HOB out so I can thread the flex through the back section to hide the cable :ignore



well at least it works!

The heater's in and heating the RO


It's a neat little contraption that should hopefully be easy to hide. I may take some measurements and make something at work and get some alfagrog contraption going.



It's only 23L (6US gallons) so it's going to be a small set up mainly for sexy shrimp, a porcelain crab and some pom pom crabs. Guess what though....Hagen recommend it as suitable for GOLDFISH! :doh11:

They even have 3-4 fancy goldies in the advertising gumph :(

AAAAANYway, I've got the salt mixing now and it's live rock tomorrow so watch this space! :D

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This should prove very neat, but what I must REALLY comment on is your wall paint treatment! I've been wanting to paint my room with an accent wall with a treatment like that, how did you do it? (I'm hoping you did it any how)

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This should prove very neat, but what I must REALLY comment on is your wall paint treatment! I've been wanting to paint my room with an accent wall with a treatment like that, how did you do it? (I'm hoping you did it any how)


I did indeed do it myself. It was just a plain background of emulsion in satin sheen and then I used a special paint for 'dry brushing'. It's a thinner emulsion that's matt in finish and you apply it with a dry brush in swirls :D Just keep the drush good and dry - don't over saturate :D Oh...it wqs textured paper which made it so much easier :D

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I haven't updated this thread for a while as I have been taking things slowly, but I now have LIFE!

It's of the non coral variety too!

A grand total of ONE sexy shrimp :lol: and a yellow clown goby who is in hiding at the moment *sigh*

The sexys are proving hard to get and Laura at Amwell's spotted a rogue large sexy in one of her coral tanks so it's come home with me :D

There are a few more on order with some pompoms and hopefully they will arrive by next Friday.

A few pics of the sexy but the ycg has hidden at the mo, so I'll pop a frag of motipora in so it has somewhere to perch :D

He had his tushie to me I'm afraid :D





I have more sexy shrimp arriving at the weekend and also some groovy Pompom crabs!

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Thanks peeps :D

I am still awaiting more sexy shrimp and the pom pom crabs, but added a bit of caulerpa to the tank to create some movement in there







I can't wait to get more critters in! I have also bought a new led unit to go in as the halogen lights heat the tank up way too much.

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It's beautiful. Just can't wait to see a VIDEO of the finished product. :D We want to see the movement too. Even though your photos are the best as always!

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The tank is 23L so rather small, but nice.

Ok, not that exciting, but here are the tank shots with the new cool white lighting




and a video clip


I need more colour in here and more corals to bulk it out. It will come in time :D

PomPoms going in this weekend!

Just realised I didn't post up these pics of the light for size etc





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Wow. If you aren't careful everyone is gonna want to come live with you to share in the bliss of those beautiful tanks of yours. Very very nice.

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Aw! I've always loved the idea of living in a commune! :krazy:

My pompom crabs will be collected sometime over the weekend! I am SO excited about that! :D

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Congrats on the tank, it's come along very nicely. I've always wanted to have corals, but i have a few to many constraints to branch into a new area atm. Loved your cats inspection of your tank made me laugh :D they are always so curious. BTW those crabs look awesome, never seen them before not Aussie shops where I am anyway.

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The first picture of your crab looks like he's smiling XD, I love it! Your tank is very beautiful but all of that coral must have been very expensive...

Most of them came from my big tank to be honest. They aren't always expensive. The more colourful they are the more expensive they are priced, but the green ones aren't so bad. The bigger zoa rock cost ?20. Not cheap but not extertionate either :D

I am pleased with the tank so far and can't wait to get more sexy shrimp but they aren't easy to come by.

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There's been a few changes to the tank! It's been a while since I visited the forum (so ashamed about that) but here's an update. Trying to catch up with all my tank diaries so bear with me :D

At the same time as someone gave me some ?nice beadlet anemones for your Osaka tank? (which I decided to put in the Edge instead), I had a big disaster with the tank. I went away overnight and came home to a murky tank and two tiny bodies lying on the sand. The HOB filter impeller had been jammed by a lone small snail which had somehow got in through the outlet section of the filter. I had a sponge on the inlet so it didn?t get in that way so that?s the only explanation I could come up with.

Sadly, I lost my pom poms and the lone sexy shrimp too, as well as various hermits and other cuc. I was close to shutting the tank down, but decided to devote the tank to the beadlets instead. I had read they were most likely native to our coastal waters so I took the heater out, removed the various corals barring one or two mushrooms and left them to it.







They must have been happy?they multiplied from 5 to 25+ in a matter of weeks, but the tank looked great and it was SO easy to look after. I kept the lights off during the day and fed them frozen foods while the lights were out which made them open up well. It?s fascinating to watch them open like flowers when they sense food about!





After a while, the lack of access started to grate on my nerves. No amount of cleaning seemed to be able to prevent sediment build up and I found it a real annoyance trying to get into the tank to clean the glass properly. How many times I ended up flooding the cupboard top after forgetting to take a jug or two of water out of the tank before I went in I do not know!

So, I bought myself an AquaEl 25L bowl and the beadlets went in there and the edge was shut down for a while.

Me being me, it is complete torture to have a tank sitting empty and there's no way I can part with spare tanks as you never know when you're going to 'need' them again. I was still itching to have a sexyshrimptopia and I loved the new must have mini maxi anemones and after a few enquiries it was deemed feasible to have a tank with a few of the nems in and that the sexy shrimp would actually be rather happy in with them and not get eaten.

I didn't want to chance any fish in with the nems - have you felt how sticky those things are? - so I thought I'd go for critters instead...

and so, the Edge came out again!

I managed to buy a great coral skeleton from one of my fave LFS


sadly it was too big to get in the Edge complete, so I had to get Darren to take an angle grinder to it and we hacked it up into manageable pieces and I set about 'scaping' the tank


Then it was time to let it cycle so I started researching the sexies again and also thanks to Laura's suggestion, I looked at the various different anemone shrimp that have a symbiotic relationship with the mini maxis in the wild.

Once the tank was cycled I paid a visit to Laura who said she'd try and get me some nice nems and shrimp to go with them. I also managed to pick up my first nem on a big bit of branching rock from Cambridge Coral Tech and the tank started to take shape



A few weeks later and I came home with some more nems and matching shrimp and have just recently managed to add a troupe of sexy shrimp and some lovely zoas from Zoaphoria (they woke me up at 7am knocking on the door!) :D

So that's where I am now...a tank with no less than 5 beautiful mini maxi nems, 3 anemone shrimp, 7 sexy shrimp shaking their tushies everywhere, zoas, a ricordea, 2 sand conches, a few snails and a red leg hermit all living in harmony.

I keep it simple with a 2x24W T5 light unit above the tank (stunningly supported by tins of chopped tomatoes until I can get hold of a couple of brackets and a hanging kit) running a blue and fiji purple KZ set of bulbs. Bi-daily RO top ups and the HOB filter running with Seachem Purigen and Phos Guard and a weekly 10% water change using DD H2Ocean salt.

It still drives me nuts when trying to clean it but at least I remember to take water out before I get in!












I do like a happy ending :lol:

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