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China Royal Red Goose Head

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^Your fish is not yet sufficiently old to determine that no further wen growth will develop.

We've seen juvenile specimens of wenned fish here that have practically no sign of headgrowth, but we're still very much certain that they're ranchu/lionheads because 1)they possess all the other characteristics of said breed (such as the absence of the dorsal fin and the configuration of the tail-spine curvature) and 2)because their parents ARE ranchus and/or lionheads. With no outcrosses to other breeds.

So regardless of whether your fish only develops the wen on top of its head or if it develops a full-head wen, we'd call it a lionhead because it's a wenned fish, has no dorsal, and it has a gently curving spine-tail configuration.

Gets? ;)

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I've seen several pictures recently where they show the bottom side of the fish. Why is that?

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