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Fry Update 13 Weeks


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So I haven't posted any pics of my guys in a while but here they are in a temporary tank while I cleaned out their rubbermaid. They're really getting big! I'm not going to have enough mulah to get them their big tank for another or so :( . Everybody seems to be extremely healthy, happy little piggies except for my little Dottie (I'm about to do a post for her in the sick section.).



Squishy (the pearlie) and The Twins (they don't really have names.....they're just "The Twins")


Hugo (so named because he's Huge)


A better picture of Squishy


Dottie ( she has tiny little black spots just like her mommy)


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They look great! I can't remember...are they all ruykin or is there some Pearlie in there?

The mommy was a ryukin and the daddy was a pearlie. That's why I have that gorgeous little pearlie.

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By their fat/happy looks, you are doing everything right.

Which is a pleasure to see.

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