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New To Forum - My Fish!

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Just wanted to share pictures of my fishies with everyone :D This is my first time posting pictures, so bear with me if I goof this up!

My newest goldfish: Olive, from Rain Garden! I have had her for nearly a month and even in that short a time she has visibly grown!! Also some of her scales are turning white so maybe I will have a gold-white coloration?


You can see her light colored scales a little better here - she is being shy :)


Where's Olive?? This was right after I got her:


Benny (orange and black) & Juno (white with orange spot) - BFF!!



An angel named Juno:


Ometer (pronounced: Ahh-meh-tur) there used to be a Barry (get it, Barry and Ometer? Barometer!!!) but he did not make it through the move last summer :( ... And yes she has had tiny pec fins like that from day one :) She's my little mutant.


This is where Ometer keeps her stash of hikari pellets :)


Last one: this little guy is technically my moms, I am holding him until her tank is cycled. He/she is Frankie/Francis :) I put the small (1.7 oz) bottle there so you can see how small he is!



Thanks for looking :heart

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Pretty fish!

Your color-changer may go the way of my comet, who started out almost all orange, and is now mostly white, with just a bit of orange on top. It's fun to watch them change, and never know exactly what color they'll end up.

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Oh, Steve was great! (at Rain Garden) quick shipping and he was very helpful - I almost named Olive Trouble because the day he was going to ship her out there was an accident on the freeway and FedEx couldn't make the pickup. But he footed the extra charge to still get her to me by Friday :) I decided I was afraid that she would live up to the name, however ;)

With the ranchus, he's got both side and top view, with the side, as long as you know what to look for, you can get a very good fish at a good price (some don't have the greatest angle to the back and tail). But best is that he also sells younger fish so they don't cost as much and you can see them grow. Olive was about 11 months when I got her?

...and actually all three of my fish are color changers, benny used to have a lot more black on him, but very small specks, like someone dusted him with black powder, and junos spot used to be very tiny, but now it takes up most of her forehead lol.

Thanks for the compliments, this is such a helpful site!! :D

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Thanks for the info on Rain Garden. He has really lovely fish...I am in love with some of the lionheads and the pearlies and you can't beat the price. Especially the $15 shipping charge.

And little Olive is so cute!

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Thanks!! I was so bummed thinking I would have to wait until I am rich (practically) to get a ranchu, as I never saw any at my local aquarium store, but then I found Rain Garden!! Great fish for us poor starving college students/goldfish lovers!! I would love to setup a couple of small rubbermaid ponds for my fishies and get some wakin, tosakin, and watonai :D My BF thinks I'm crazy, tho lol.

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