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Gasping For Air After Water Changed

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I checked the tank water this morning, ph was 8.2. Nitrate was 40 ppm . It 's been 4 days without w/c. So i made w/c 75%.

After w/c all my goldies gasping on top water surface for air. So i checked the tap water ph 7.4 :blink: But funny things is my tank water would gone up to 8.2 in 4 days? Bare bottom tank . Never used baking soda Or ph up chemical. It just shot up by itself? Any advise? I have notice it for sometimes now. Tap PH start 7.some . But tank water before w/c were 8 .some :o

Oh ,i added 0.3 % AP salt and parzi- pro too since last week. Is it possible those two things shot up PH

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What kind & size filters are you running?

Adding salt quickly can harm/degrade biofilter bacteria.

Adding medication can do the same.

Doing both at once is twice as bad.

A Q tank is a good thing, just for that reason.

You don't degrade your main tank biofilter, when adding meds to a seperate Q tank.

Tap water pH can change, depending on how your water supply is treated.

So can the amounts of chlorine & chloramine in it on a daily basis.

I use a 55G open top type plastic drum as a water change container (kept in garage).

I fill it with tap water, add topfin ammonia remover that neautralizes chlorine & chloramines.

Then run an air stone & a seasoned large sponge filter in it for a day or 2.

Several large seasoned sponge filters are always kept running in a sump on the main tank.

That way, I have a couple fully cycled sponge filters, to use in a Q tank, or whatever, whenever needed.

Test pH & if okay, do a partial water change with that water.

My main tank has a bulkhead overflow.

Simple to turn valve, direct tank water out in garden hose to flower beds.

Start pump on drum & pump in equal amount that I took out of main tank.

For a whole tank cleaning, I use that same drum as a tank, so I can net fish out of maim tank, to clean it.

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Typically the prazi and salt will not change the ph. You, like me have issues with your nitrates from the tap. Your tap readings could be fluctuating so you may want to check them before you do a change. If there is a big difference you may want to do as Oldfish suggests and place the water in a separate container until you can get the levels as close as possible!

What do you have in your tank? Rock, wood, plants, etc? If the ph is rising, I would think that something in the tank is cause the ph bump. Post back and we will figure it out. ;)

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NO wood or rock just live plants in the pots. As tank of the month APRIL..........

Yes, nitrate normally high out of tap. ...40 ppm sometimes. But i checked yesterday morning was 10 ppm out of the tap. So i changed my tank water right of way. 10 ppm is like seeing gold here :rofl

I think from now on i have to age my tap water day or two then .......good called guys

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