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New Hermit Crab!

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The last time I went to the pet store, I came home with a huge ryukin. So I wasn't supposed to be left unattended there again. I went shopping with JD the other night after dinner, and he went off talking with his boss for awhile. he was gone about a half hour so I started shopping. When he finally met back up with me, I was holding a large container of salt, mealworms and a large hermit crab!

This crab was the only sign of life in a tank with dead crabs and rotten, old food. Years ago when I worked at the store, I really got their treatment changed and improved their care. No one had ever paid attention to the hermit crabs before and I was able to educate employees and customers alike. It was great.

Anyway, this was a huge, sad looking purple pincher. Poor crab has to be at least 11 or 12 years old. I knew I had room, I knew I had the capacity to give him a good life, so of course he came home with me!


Look at the color on this one! You can tell he's been caught recently and hasn't been in captivity that long since his colors are still very intense.



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He came in wearing a very, very old, beat up murex. (Not sure what kind it is, but will try and ID it!)

He immediately made a beeline for a nice, smooth Turbo petholatus!


Mine! All mine!


The old shell. He moved out and hasn't looked back!


The new addition to the tank has been recovering from his ordeal by snacking on earthworm castings, eggshell, mealworms and fresh fruit. He spent yesterday sunning and relaxing upstairs in the moss pit. I think he's really adjusting well to his new life here!

And by the way, I checked, and he is indeed a big beautiful male! I don't usually name a lot of my crabs because purple pinchers can look very similar. Right now I have another large male, also in the same kind of shell, but he has a lot of hair so for the time being that's how I'm telling these two apart. :)

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