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Fiona: Bottom Sitting/red Fin (still)

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*Sigh* well, most of you will remember my post around a month ago containing a complaint that my fish Fiona was bottom sitting very frequently, and suffered from a red, irritated lower left tailfin. Currently, there is no reason to my knowledge why this should be happening. Perhaps someone could offer some help?

Tank Params:

Ammonia: 0

pH: 7.5

Nitrates: 10

Nitrites: 0

Temp: 75

I've been doing weekly water changes of over 30% as well, and doing weekly tank scrub downs. I also changed her filter last week to rid the possibility of something rotting and being caught in there. She still has 1 filter to be changed though (her canister filter). Just out of curiosity, how often does a canister filter need to be rinsed/changed?

Fiona currently lives off a diet of fresh veggies (blanched zucchini, brocolli) and brine shrimp. She gets 1 meal a day as she has a very sensetive tummy and has suffered slight swim bladder issues in the past due to her diet. She can't eat anything pre-prepared (flakes, pellets, gel food) so she's really eating the best in fishy cuisine.

I can't seem to find out what could be wrong, no matter how many times I scratch my head. Could some salt help to heal her red fin? Or perhaps some Melafix? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the older picture of what Fiona's fin looked like. I couldn't get a good shot of it tonight, but it's virtually the same, maybe a little more redness.


I think it's good that it hasn't spread to her other fins, or parts of her body. That means it's not an infection right? And I don't think it's something like hemoraggic septicemia, because that starts with cysts on the body and moves down to the fins. At least that's what it did with my other fish. Thanks for the help guys!

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I am not the best at these types of situations but some more info is needed.

Tanks size?

How many fish?

Answer all the boxes above:)

It is most likely a water issue. 30% weekly doesnt sound like enough. I am not sure how canisters work but my HOB filter cartridges are clogged within two weeks, it all depends on how much waste you have as well.

I would start the salt at .1% and add some Melafix (dose as the bottle says, except don't follow their wc advice) Do more frequent wc every day if possible, until it heals.

You can wait for a mod if you want but my advice is harmless until someone else more experienced arrives.

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Hey BB!

HC makes a good point, at least 50% water changes weekly....unless it is impossible do to water constraints or tap issues.

Any chance her tail fin is getting sucked into the intake on your filter?

Melafix...I have had people advise for and against. Mixed bag really! Personally I think tea tree oil works great for me on several different things for the human body. I just can't decide between different people's reaction to the stuff on here yet! And it has been over a year. I think that needs to be a definite question answered! ;)

HC makes a good point on salt. I too would raise to .1% with a big water change just prior. Fresh clean water with a little salt can do wonders! :) Keep an eye on the red, if it gets worse def post back. Watch the intake filter too.

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