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Oranda Is Upside Down On Bottom Of Tank


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Awww thats so sad to hear. Did you ever try the metromeds like you said you were going to?

Unfortunately I don't know if there's much else you CAN do. Seems sometimes they do just flip and there is nothing we can do to fix it. It seems like you've tried all of the major things that you can try and at this point I guess you just have to wait and see if he comes back around. If you started Metromeds, finish those for at least 14 days. After wards I think I would just go back to regular feedings. Maybe extra peas, or gel food just to be sure that he is getting food that will pass easily.

I am totally in the same boat as you still, except mine doesn't need to be hand fed.

A few people have made adjustments to their tank to help keep their floaty fish underwater. There was a picture recently where someone put a breeder net upside down in the tank so that the floaty fish could go in there and remain covered so that their would not be any redness.

Hang in there. Others have told me that sometimes they can get better just as quickly as it started. Does he seem really stressed out, or does he seem happy despite being upside down?

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I am sorry. :heart

I had upside down fish for many months. Did you try the mms like Sue asked?

Poor little guy.

I did try the mms.

Could someone get in touch with "daryl" for me? She may know of a vet in my area (chicagoland) that I am unaware of. This is getting pretty painful to watch.

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I will be happy to give you the names of several vets who can and will treat your fish. But I am going to have to be honest here. One, in particular, will be happy to treat - and treat and treat - and will never quit as long as you have money. ALl of them will cost you a LOT of money, but, I can almost guarantee, will not work.

It stinks. I hate it. It is one of the saddest things in fish keeping. But, I have to be honest. Once a fish flips and stays that way for more than about a week or two, I have NEVER ever had it revert. I did the quartz stone implant once, years ago. The fish was a bottom sitter until it succumbed to bacteria.

If this were an active case of bacteria, a vet can prescribe injectable antibiotic meds. They are not cheap - and the ones who have them most readily are:



A cheaper solution is my personal friend and vet at Harper Animal Hospital in Palatine (HOffman??). He does not konw fish - but will do whatever you want done - if you can tell him. He trys hard but has never healed mine, either.

It is very painful when you lose a fish that you care for so much. I always feel like I have somehow failed - I failed to diagnose properly, I failed to treat properly, etc. It makes me cry. But..... it is, unfortunately, the way it is. I hope you can come to terms with whatever happens.....


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daryl - thank you so very much for popping in. Funny, I have frequented the midwest exotic hospital on numerous occasions for my bird and my rabbit. Never did I think they would treat fish. I was also aware of your first suggestion, but it is quite far from me.

I'm not sure what to do. It sucks looking at him upside down, floating around aimlessly. Unfortunately I am not in a position to spend a large amount of money (two kids, one job, house up for sale, school starting, etc etc.) Everyone has the same financial issues. My neighbor just confessed to me today that, after lengthy deliberation, put her son's fish to sleep after endlessly treating HITH. After I heard that, I felt I just couldn't really give up. But it seems the only thing I can do is try to make him as comfortable as possible.....

With that being said, what is the standard protocol on how high to fill tank with an upside down fish? I had tried various heights, and it seems the happy medium is almost to the top. If it's too low, the fish just spins around with the flow of the current from the filter.

Any thoughts or additional input? Thank-you all so much for taking time out to read.

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