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I Don't Know What It Is


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poor Dew and Bj?rn...they miss each other! :heart

maybe you can try to poke her again?...although, that is easier for me to suggest since I am not the one doing it! :P

but I agree, Imo will have another game plan for you. :thumb:

oh, and the PP can't be mailed out until Monday morning... :unsure:

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Good God, if I lived within a few hours of you I would volunteer to do the popping while you held Stardew.

....I've just got this thing about weird growths, zits, etc. (I once clipped a wart off my thumb with toenail clippers, if that gives you an idea.)

Good luck with Stardew. I wish her well, please don't take my freakishness as maliciousness.

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Stardew is a 'he' not a 'she' like I had originally thought (and hoped). I really wanted to breed Stardew and Bj?rn and get some funky babies but that's hard to do with 2 males lol

Because he squirmed as bad as he did the last time, I am NOT going to risk seriously injuring my beautiful little Stardew to pop an unsightly blister. Last time, I actually thought that I had stuck him somewhere vital and that I would find a dead fish in the morning.

I'm going to treat the whole tank when it pops. That would be easier and less stressful for the both of us.

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